Tuesday, April 05, 2005


My husband's family is originally from Spain. The offspring have always had a little thing for Don Quixote. They usually have a copy of Picasso's drawing, or a little statue of Don Quixote on horseback, and, of course, the often-owned, seldom-read, book itself.

I am thinking there is a little more to this than interest in or affection for a charming Spanish folk "hero". I think they see sort of a common bond, or they have taken the character's traits too much to heart.

My 39 year old daughter is currently in a relationship with a sort of nice, very needy, guy. She walked away from a long-standing decent job to move in with this guy, and now they are on a sort of quest. They look for jobs. They send out resumes and go to job fairs. I do not think they have any interest in actually taking a job or earning money.

She called to tell me of this wonderful interview she had. It was with a company that made earpieces for musicians. They count among their clients a rock band that has a name that refers to hearing impaired felines, a particular favorite of my daughter. Her enthusiasm was boundless. Who needs to go to work or earn money when you can get this excited over an interview? Maybe I should read Don Quixote, tho I have no desire to do so, to find out if he actually stabs a windmill blade, and what then happens. But I don't think I care enough.

I was recently debating if I should send her a small amount of money each month to make her life more comfortable and to perhaps keep her from thinking of returning home. Then I forced myself to think of how bad it would hurt if I went outside and banged my head against the garage wall.

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