Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Old News

I realize, upon reviewing my blog, that I have not even touched on stuff that was so important it was making me crazy. I guess simply writing it down helps me resolve stuff.

Billy is still continuing at Bradley cousnseling and he has had an appointment and blood tests and stuff with Dr. Sarma at Rosalind Franklin University. He has diagnosed Billy with ADHD. I suppose that, as it was with Lisa, the symptoms do not show unless he is stressed in one way or another. I don't see it, but it is fine with me since it will give him extra services at school. I tried him on Concerta last fall with no apparent effect, but whatever. I am so glad that Lisa is carrying the ball on this one. I was talking to her on the phone two nights ago and, in the background, he was sobbing like a one year old. As soon as he realized his mom was talking to me it stopped just like turning off a radio. It is amazing the way he can produce the tears on demand and even make him self vomit from it. I sometimes get a bit scared when watching Law and Order and they start talking about behavior disordered kids. But, what do I know?

The last we heard about Bill's dad, the case was still being continued and he had not been sentenced. Bob's mom said, "His life is in that woman's hands." I don't think they have a very good understanding of the nature of his crime. Since Billy and Lisa moved out, we don't speak to them much.

Lisa has a nice little house about four miles from here. Her boyfriend is there almost always, so the twins are hardly ever there. Nor do they ask to be. They will not be there when Jody is there. He must think he died and went to heaven. He has no income and she drives him everywhere and is feeding him with the food stamps that should be buying food for the twins. Whatever. It is nothing short of a miracle that she got this housing when she did. We were unaware that she was on this list which is called Low Rent Housing. I think our town has to have a certain number of units for government reasons and the town probably has few candidates. It was a bolt from the blue at exactly the right time. I was SO worried about feeling guilty for putting them out, but I feel so much relief, the relief is the only thing I feel guilty about. And, not very much...

Cassie has been nagging me about getting Baptized and I promised her I would call the church about it. I have been putting this off for a long time. So yesterday I told her that I actually headed toward the phone to make the call and something distracted me. But I was getting closer to actually doing it. So today I actually took the phone and the phonebook and sat down to have the conversation, and, lo and behold, the church is not listed. Why would that be? It has been a long time since the handyman was murdered there, so why would they be secretive about their number? I hope it is not a sign from above about taking this step. Kind of weird.

Fran was on dean's list last semester and is doing well this semester. The Steven thing goes back and forth. Should she make a decision when she feels like she cannot make a diecision? Meanwhile, school is getting a little old for her. This is her second year. The first one went so fast. I hope she is able to continue, but it will get so complicated next year with clinical practice and Ben. For some reason, probably cuz I know she can handle it, this is not a source of worry for me.

My career in laying tile is moving slowly along. I am getting less messy about it, but not actually "better". I need a deadline. We have two new doors installed and that project needs a little financial boost. No furniture in the living room since I gave my couches to Lisa when she moved out. Little bit of a problem with Louie on that subject. Will probably need psychiatric intervention to get passed it.

So Spring is on the way and my folks seem to be doing very well. My tulips and daffodils are showing already. I am interested in seeing the results of Lindenhurst's big daffodil anniversary project. I certainly did my part. Every time I feel this hopeful and good, some horrible disaster pops up. I cannot help but have a tiny apprehensive feeling. Sunshine helps that.

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