Thursday, September 15, 2011

Self Image

When I was sending out queries for my manuscripts, I felt terrified.  I viewed every rejection as a personal insult.  Strangely, the act of self-publishing does not hold such emotional weight.  Despite the fact that many people have downloaded samples of my work, I have had very few sales. This is a very clear indicator that after reading 15% of my writing, they are not interested in reading anymore which pretty much says I am wasting my time.  And theirs. And the few that have bought have not bothered to review, so I am basically dead in the water.  Still, I plan to put up the next two.  Some people say that more titles bring more interest, but so far that has not shown any effect in my case.  I have cancelled the sale contract on the Mediterranean Villa, but will continue to write my little fantasy revisionist history stories.  I think it's cheaper than a shrink, but my shrink was free.

It did bring in a new follower to my blog, but she has since thrown me off her blog roll, so far the only negative repercussion.  If I had a tail, I promise you, I would post a photo of me walking off into the sunset with it between my legs. Still, I walk on.

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  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Definitely keep at it! The more we write, the better we get.


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