Saturday, July 07, 2012


Everybody hopes they will be remembered when they are gone.  My younger brother was nine when my maternal grandma died and he says he has no recollection of her at all.  That makes me especially sad because I remember  her sitting in the rocker when he was a baby and rocking him and humming to him for hours on end.  I am positive she sang the words when we weren't around, cuz that's the way I roll on that one, but it is an image I keep in my mind.  Unfortunately there are some not so pleasant, but I am good at ignoring that.  Actually, even when my mom and dad were out and she was in charge and she forced us to kneel at the dining room chairs and pray aloud is not an unpleasant memory, and it always makes me think how important it was to her to try and save our souls.  Her faith is what led her to have such a peaceful attitude toward her dying, a fact she lived with for awhile.

But I digress, excessively.

Do you do Pinterest?  Do you even know what it is?  I love it.  It is a huge time suck but so much fun.  Not in the sense of "Ha Ha ha", although there is occasionally that.  But as an  excuse to keep you from writing or editing or vacuuming.  Many a moon ago, I came across an entry that I repinned, also many a moon ago.

Well, not too easy to read but that is extra large.  Original runs way off the page edge.

Anyway, that was Mitch Hedburg.  I really liked him.  He was so George Carlinesque in his take on reality but picked on the strange  little things, like the waffle.  I don't think George Carlin did waffles..
Fran came home from a class one day to tell me her speech teacher mentioned Mitch Hedburg.  She was sure I was the only person in the world that ever heard of him. So today someone reposted this on Pinterest.  My caption was "Gone too soon."  He died in his early fifties from some drug related thing which is not a big deal, Heath Ledger, me, etc., but so brilliant to be snuffed out so soon.  So I linked to the poster's board and she had some more of his stuff.  I thought it was great that a person can live on like that.  No body special but left a nice legacy.  I am glad to remember him.


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  2. I LOVE Mitch Hedberg. My favorite of his is the one about the boy fish explaining to his girl fish why he's late:

    Boyfish: I got caught!

    Girlfish: Yeah? Show me your lip.

    Our loss is even sadder than you say, Ginny; Mitch died before he was forty.

  3. Oh, shucks. I knew he was young. I guess fifty seems young to me. So glad you got to know his work.

  4. You're right, everybody wants to be remembered when they've gone. I'd like to be remembered for nice reasons and maybe for having entertained someone with my books. Some want to be remembered for doing bad things like mass murders and I don't understand that. Why the need to leave a footstep saying "I was here" that no-one wants to step into ? Mitch Hedburg is lucky that he will be remembered by you and people like you who remembered the smile he brought to your faces.

  5. I've never even heard of Mitch Hedburg, which was obviously my loss. Sometimes I really have to wonder about myself....


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