Monday, September 10, 2012

Outside Plumbing

 Are you in a relationship?  Having some rough spots?  Doesn't everyone?  Wish someone could make it all better?  Sometimes it is so hard to understand what is going on with your partner.
Outside Plumbing:  the Myths of Manhood is my first non-fiction book. It is a light-hearted look at what it is that makes a guy a guy. I promise it will give you a new perspective.  Fun with more than a grain of truth.

Available at Smashwords and Amazon.  You can download to any reader at Smashwords. 

This book is non-fiction,  tongue-in-cheek, anecdotal, easy to read, short, but contains more than a kernel of truth.  

The males weigh in: 

"You manage to discuss it without sounding bitchy."

"My wife came into the room to find out what I was laughing at.  I made her read it."


"On the money:

Outside Plumbing ;  The Myths of Manhood

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