Saturday, November 17, 2012

Signing In

I like to go on many different sites to comment. I have always needed to stick my two cents in and it brings me lots of interesting blog traffic . I have been banned from Twana Blevins which I do not understand. I usually agree with her although I tend to be a little more conservative. I have occasionally commented to correct or to offer my opinion, and I have asked why I am banned but received no reply as yet.

Then there are many Wordpress sites that suddenly won't allow a Google blogger sign in. So I created a Wordpress blog. Still, many of my most astute remarks fall into a black hole and are not posted. This seldom occurs if I sign in through Twitter which speaks to me of the decline and fall of society. It also does make me paranoid.  But whatever. . .

An interesting thing happened today. Through The Rumpus, which won't let my comments in under any conditions, I linked to a site where the person said she wasn't knowledgeable about the subject so she posted a bunch of links about Israel bombing "Palestine". This is something about which I also have meager knowledge but strong opinion. I find it interesting at the very least. So I clicked through to one of the links. She presented five or six. The one I clicked to recognized me, on my iPhone, with no signing in process, and I had not signed into the Rumpus before I linked.   Now, sites like Totsy and One Kings Lane, which are stores that want your money, make signing in a tedious and difficult ritual. I find it so annoying I patronize them much less often than I would like. They are lovely sites for browsing, among others like them. So, to stop digressing and return to my initial premise for today's long-anticipated post, the political commentary site I logged into let me comment and posted the comment immediately with no spam detector puzzles and no wait for moderation. It was al-Jazeera.

photo courtesy of el-Jazeera on-line

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  1. Maybe Al-Jazeera courts a little controversy.There are sure to be strong opposing opinions there.
    I tend to keep strong opinions back and was very good during the U.S.Presidential elections since I've been in trouble before for my 'outsider' opinions.The only thing that does set me off is strong religious cant pronouncing against gays as abominations etc. I can get very heated then as I did on a Gather discussion yesterday. That's probably the only type of thing I would ban on my sites too since I have more a live and let live policy and have little time for religion. I'm surprised to hear you've been banned though as you always seem polite. Perhaps I'm missing a secret side to you. x


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