Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank you

My life as I pretend it is.

Cassie in the Snow

I want to thank every one who visits my blog.  I do not have a handle on this.  Posts get a ton of visits and it must be because they are showing up somewhere and I have no clue where.  Outside Plumbing, I know, is on some commercial plumbing site somewhere because the blog visits pour in.  But they do not buy or even read the book.  They post commercials for their own plumbing business or give us hints on how to winterize our faucets.

I get so down for other reasons than this blog (For sure--this is one of the parts of my life I completely enjoy.) and I don't post and my stats show a bunch of visits anyway which cheers me, so Thank You to all of you.

And Google Analytics?  I am signed up for it and get emails from them, but they don't show what I see.  I do not know where they get their info.  And the ad thing?  They tell me how much money I earned and the spaces for the ads are there, but no ads.  Maybe I just can't see them because it is my blog.  Can you see them?

Anyway, I am not in a good place now.  I get sad about stuff that happens to people across the globe from me, like I don't have enough to get sad about in my own neighborhood.  I just wish stuff was a little more fair.  I know, no one ever said life is fair, but some of these inequalities just suck. Nice stuff should happen to nice people and the suffering should go to the sleaze balls. Right?

So  I hope we have either a bucket full of sun or a ton of snow, both of which would cheer me immensely.

Attribution of painting:  Let me get back to you on that...

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're sad Victoria, though it's wonderful for you to care about events outside your back yard. Just try not to let it make to too upset but that's easier said than done when you're made that way. Things usually get better and sooner or later the sleazeballs get their due.
    It's good you get your visitors as you have a welcoming blog and with 596 followers you expect a few to drop in. No everybody comments but it would be nice if you could add a 'Like' button maybe. The only ad's I can see are those in the right column for your books and one that invites you to look at Amazon on your Blogring. Maybe someone could take a look for you at the hiccup.
    In the meantime, try and perk up a bit in the knowldge that you're a caring person but can't take the weight of the world on just your shoulders. Hugs xxxx


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