Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Inside My Head

We are going on a little vacation for mother's day and I am trying to not get too anxious about that.  I am greatly looking forward to it.  Perhaps inordinately so.

I was just browsing through Linked In, some group I belong to, and one person's remarks about Rape Culture, just blew me away.  I feel totally on edge.  My mind so needs to be deeply exploring something and I will not let it.  He talked about how your attitudes are predetermined by your peer prejudice and your culture's attitudes.  And I got to thinking, how can your attitude toward something be based on pure reason?  And I don't think it can.  I can't find anybody around here to talk to about that, so I write sarcastic little books about it and throw them before the public.  It helps a little.

I happened on a feminazi blog once that was arguing about rape culture with a male novelist whose forte is speculative fiction.  He had made some remarks that the blog admins took umbrage at and he rose to his defense as did many others.  Of course, I went in with my etymological resources and my glaring generality remarks and the conversation came to an abrupt halt.  It had been going on for days and I would have loved a little feedback, or at least to have felt included.  But no.  Once again I slammed the door shut in my own face. Yet, I do not abandon my search for intellectual stimulation.

I hardly ever watch television.  We have Starz, and I tried to watch Spartacus, but I can't pay attention, and if you turn it on and they are gazing at Spartacus's dead body, you kind of don't feel like there is any point in trying to catch up.  Besides, I, yes, even I, consider some of the sexual footage gratuitous.  So I have been catching up with Walking Dead by utilizing Netflix on my cell phone and my ear pieces, one side of which is dead.  But one or two episodes of Walking Dead per day is quite enough.   I have also  been watching that Netflix Production of that Kevin Spacey political thing.  It is interesting how he successfully employs that aside to the camera thing and Robin Wright is fascinating to watch.  She is amazing.  What the heck did she ever have to talk to that douchebag Sean Penn about?  But that was also on the cell phone.  And sometimes I would fall asleep in the middle of it, which is, for me, a good thing, except for when the cell phone falls on my face.  And I feel like I am not making good use of the enormous amount of money I give to Comcast.  (It really is ridiculous.)

So I was looking at On Demand and noticed Starz On Demand had some good recent offerings.  I kind of want to watch Brave again.  It was amazing and wonderful, especially the little triplet mimicking the dad at the supper table, and I also want to watch the new Bourne thing with Jeremy Renner.   But, finally, I selected Men in Black Three, and I was absolutely riveted for the length of the entire movie.  I did pause it once to go and get a popsicle, but I was so thrilled to be able to concentrate on it and be interested and follow the plot. I enjoyed it, all the little father-son subtleties and inside jokes.

I think it says something about the state of my mind and I don't think I want to know what that is.

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