Monday, November 07, 2011

Hugest compliment. Hugest thank you.

Someone gets it.  How lucky I am.

Review by: Sue Leonhardt on Nov. 07, 2011 : star star star star 
I received "Lawman" by Virginia Llorca through the Goodreads ebook giveaway.Can two hearts make time for each other, with their busy lives, and make it work? This is a fast paced fun read about a young widow and a Government "operative". He tries to keep the needed secrecy of his job from interfering with his hoped for relationship with a willful young widow. Lily Scofeldt is a 24 year old widow with two preschool children living in Iowa,and agent Tim  Raia is also divorced with a 13 year old daughter living in Chicago.These people never seem to get out of bed. Lots of quickies.I laughed when Tim left her house one time and said" Thank you sincerely for the hospitality".This book is light entertainment. Easy read but it shows the deeper side of what it takes to commit to a relationship, second time around.


  1. A thing of beauty! Congrats!

  2. >>Someone gets it. How lucky I am.<<

    So rare when someone does.


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