Thursday, November 03, 2011

Second Thoughts

Remorse?  I put  up an excerpt from book three and then took it down.  I was ticked because it didn't make a wave on twitter.  Then I notice ten links from twitter.   I am an ass.

I am hating the mood swings lately. Usually I know enough to go with it and get what I can out of it, but I usually know the precipitating factors.  I had to take my MS down cuz I saw (on my beloved Kindle) that it was awash in typos and an actual MISSPELLED word.  I wonder what else is in there that I didn't notice.  but I was so nervous about re posting.  Kindle tried to do a one up on the Smashwords Style guide and it got me all anxious.  I just did it the old way.  So I was nervous about that and now it is done, so I guess I feel like this because I dealt with the source of the anxiety, but I would prefer to feel like this at nine a.m., thank you.  Then maybe I'd get that kitchen floor done. And I know the book was full of errors cuz I am so not into it anymore.  One person found one typo in the first book.

I want to go outside and shoot that satellite down.

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