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Nice Review


First of all, thank you for allowing me to read your book. I must admit that while I am still relatively new to book reviews, yours was a hard one to sum-up. I did my best though, and I hope you like it.

Before I send you a copy of the review though, since you had asked for an evaluation of the wording. I hint to this a little bit in the review, but as you specifically asked for feedback, I shall give you my opinion directly. First of all, I was at first hesitant to read your book when I got to it with the question you asked... and yet I was dying to read it as I have a guilty-pleasure for stuff that I probably shouldn't read.
However, in reading your book I think the wording is very well done during the sex scenes. It's evocative, and intensely intimate, which I didn't know was possible in third person. This is particularly true toward the beginning of the book. Beyond that, I thought the wording was enough to convey what was going on, without being pornographic or anything like that. Perhaps your brother was referring to the the "strength" of the intimacy which I found so wonderfully done. *shrugs* that's my oppinion. I know that family can be pretty critical of sex scenes and the like- they are perhaps the most scrutinized part of a relatives writing. But I personally thought it added to the story and helped the reader get sucked into the story emotionally.

So... I hope that helps you some as far as what you wanted to know about the language. Below is my review, if for any reason you don't want me to post it, please let me know before Wednesday when I will post it on my site- barring any objections from you. Also, please reply with a brief about the Author that I can tag on at the end of the review.

One final note, if you are fine with the review and want the review posted anywhere in addition to on my site (goodreads, amazon, barnesandnoble, ect) please let me know that as well.

Sacred Sin by Virginia Llorca

Summary Provided by Amazon.com

After her first marriage fails, Jenny wants to concentrate on her education and her career, but "that guy" walks into her life when and where she least expects it and this guy means business. Will her new relationship survive when Jenny proves unable or unwilling to give up a life long relationship that is more than friendly?

What I Loved

The language of this book is so evocative. I'll say it here, before I go into much else that the reader of this book must be a mature adult. The wording itself isn't so graphic, as is the way the words work together. I usually have a hard time connecting with third-person narratives, and at first this was true in Sacred Sin as well, but there are different reasons that the third person viewpoint exists, and the intimacy conveyed in this particular instance is intensified by the third-person outlook.

What I Didn't Like

At some point or another, any reader reading a fictional book must be able to enter a suspension of belief- and that is very true with Sacred Sin. If you are hung up on morals and what is "right", this book may be hard to get into- it was for me at first and I usually do well with suspension of belief. At times the book seems to push the boundaries of a relationship- to where I just have to yell at the character's stupidity.

My Overall Review

(3 of 5 Stars) A Steamy and Evocative story of life.
I can't even think of a good 3-of-5 summary for this book. In fact, I would have to rate it objectively as a 3.75 if I did half-stars, which I don't. For me, this story was very evocative and intriguing... yet I'd still label it a 3. I can easily see someone else really enjoying it though. While steamy, sexy, intimate, evocative... I think you get the picture to an extremely high-degree, it does provide a story of a woman who truly loves two guys at once. Though life is not always glamorously wonderful for Jenny- it is a bit of fantasy for the reader. Who hasn't had to choose between two loves in their lives? Again, not for a younger audience, but for a steamy book that has an intricate story as well- very well done.

Thank you again for allowing me to read your book. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Shayna Gier
Author of Stuck in Estrogen's Funhouse
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  1. This is a great interview! You've garnered a reader who became riveted by your prose and the story and most likely not her normal wheelhouse. Nicely done!

    I still think about your novel, Sacred Sin~always a good sign of good work.

    Katherine Owen


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