Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reality Check

First of all: I HATE f-ing HATE typing on this new laptop and I have yet to figure out why I am torturing myself by trying to do it.

Secondly: I took down book three because I decided to make something else happen. I need a special kind of psychotherapist who specializes in the "God Syndrome".

Someone commented in a review that they wanted stuff to work out for several of my characters whose/who's lives were sort of being lived at cross purposes to one another's. (I have a real problem with the possessive pronoun here. You would too.) Even one of my more severe critics mentioned having this dilemma. I felt this way too. That is kind of why I wrote it basically. It is an extension of certain parts of my personal experience. ("It happened like this, but wouldn't it be interesting if it happened like this?")

So I made this hunky dory type story in the third book that made everything sweetness and light, peaches and cream. The HEA that I HATE in Romance books. No such thing. Anyway. I decided these people were too complex and it couldn't be that simple so I have made the book like twice as long as it was and the development was fun, and I like it. But the thing is, I was kind of idealizing this one male character, did it in book one, mentioned it in book two, and I am crazy about him. But, this new section makes him do a really ass hole thing. And I just kind of think that no matter how great a guy is, this stuff happens because of the "Y" chromosome. Fortunately my audience is predominantly female or I would probably have my house burned to the ground by now and my body dismembered in the town square. (Please put my head on a rust proof pike.) And I make him all man up-ish and come clean-ish and acceptable to the amazing female protagonist who would never fall in love with an asshole. Yeah.

And, once again, I feel like a complete whore for doing it. It is so manipulative. Okay. Here is the deal. These are fictional people, Ditty. What the fuck difference could it possibly make?

No answer. Go the fuck to sleep.


  1. Baby, you must write it the way it needs to be written (for you!).

    In my books, somebody always has to die or fuck up or something. What good would it do if everyone was socially dysfunctional like real life and didn't screw things up? It certainly wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.

    So, write it the way it needs to be written. That's what I do.

    Here's a little something I ran across that helped me. It's about giving yourself "permission":

    It definitely applies to writers, too!



  2. Yeah, the Y-chromosome comes with a certain bit of asshole with it. Some have more than others. Some recognize their own asshole-ishness a bit better and try to make amends for it when it comes out.

    But then there's all that "crazy" that comes with the double-x chromosome. It kind of evens things out.

    1. I freely admit, speaking for myself of course, that we play it for all it's worth. Guys, we like 'em cuz they're guys. Speaking for myself of course.

      Best compliment so far re: my first book, "crazy good read". Thanks for stopping by.


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