Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fuck It

Funny how you make a very brief personal observation about how something painful once happened to you and it now tends to distort your perceptions of certain things, things which people may find great joy in, God having given them the grace to feel such enjoyment, and a pack of vicious animals starts chewing on your ass like you are literally dogmeat. And the remark can be about a very small and painful moment in your life, but they have to construe that only a drunk would spew such shit. To concisely paraphrase if such a thing is possible. And the remark can have been made to reflect upon why you are unable to share everyone's joy at the moment, actually a remark that certainly didn't need to be made at all, but since I have started messing around with the alphabet I get myself in more and more trouble.

Almost reminds me of that cabal that gets all undone when you mention that fifteen year olds entertain sexual thoughts.

I fucking give up.

And, then, they flock to the fucking blogsite like flies to the corpse. What the fuck is this all about?

"You can't please them all. There's always somebody calling you down. I do my best..."

MY FUCKING BEST. Not good enough for you, you unknown. THEN DON'T READ MY WORDS.

Buzz the fuck off. That's what flies do.

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