Friday, March 23, 2012


I love how when these little storms die down, I am left out in the cold feeling abandoned.

I published ANYMORE, my swan song, but it is not approved yet. Probably tomorrow and then it will be free for three days. Someone told me how to preserve my indents so it looks real nice. It is very tame and I am pushing it as YA. Let's see if that makes a dif. This is totally due to a change in my meds. I think I will spend the rest of my days rotating my four works of art through Kindle Select , editing, putting on new covers, etc. I cannot imagine another story. Although near the end of this book I wanted to kill off the love interest and start a big mystery deal so you never know. I also have about five thousand words of Jenny Agnoli's first marriage which, she told her second husband, was very "dark."

Then, last night, I was thinking, I could always do a bunch of that 99cent erotica on smashwords and just not tell my family. I have a prob with the words kind of pouring out lately, so maybe I will utilize that. Fun.

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