Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Mouth

I have posted so much inflammatory stuff today. My remarks have already cost me a Drawsome partner.

This is all a stall cuz I have to reformat a doc and I am one-third through and I do not want to do it.  I don't know why cuz when I did the first third, which I've been postponing forever,  I enjoyed it.  But I must be having one of those 'cycles'.  An acquaintance doesn't go to a shrink.  She goes to a psycho-pharmacologist.  I get my mind altering drugs from my GP.  I said "No.  I can't take Advil.  It raises blood pressure."  She says, "Oh, I never knew that."

So she took away my xanax cuz I said I REALLY like it and everyone loves me when I am on it and please, sir, can I have more?  And she gives me klonopin which must be related to Paxil cuz it makes you not give a shit about anything.  I didn't even pay attention to blending the colors for my Impatiens this Spring.  It cannot get much worse than that.  So I am not going through that shrink crap again.  What a bunch of loonies I have met. So, I don't know.  Maybe Lawman will hit Select this week.  Maybe the yews will get trimmed.  You have to do it before July first.

In the meanwhile, I shared this vid on twitter, but if you didn't catch it there, go to YouTube and search "PissedPotter".  It is so purely fucking sensible.  Really.

My husband just asked me if he could download a huge video file to my computer.  I said "Do you have it on a zip drive?"  And he said he did.  So I said, "Can't I just put your zip drive in my machine and watch it tomorrow?"  Of course I had to add, "That will be the closest thing we've had to sex in a long time." Yeah, we're old.

This poor guy.  I love him so much and he is in the cellar.

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