Thursday, June 07, 2012

More Art That I Am Getting Weird For

I had the biggest sales day ever.  I have NO idea how to keep the momentum going.  I thought it odd, that after giving away over 8,000 for free, people came in and paid money for it the next day.  But it is all good.  And a few cross sales which is how the Select thing is supposed to work in theory.  I have to get busy.  Too much going on. This all makes me very nervous.


  1. Tulasi-Priya4:51 PM

    Great news! You've got me curious about this marketing now, even though I have nothing (yet) to sell. Is there a link that explains what you've been doing. Sorry if you've blogged this before and I missed it. Hey, if you want to capitalize on this, I might have a few suggestions. Are you a member of SheWrites?

  2. I think I am getting a feeling for the timing and the right places to post. I promised myself I would do three promos a day. But I have four books and poor Lawman is pining in the cellar. (And I love him) And I will not pay money. I post on Goodreads and book blogs (dot) ning, both of which provide good return. And this blog seems to do better and better. I have 40 to 60 hits a day. This time, I did the freebie in one chunk and I was surprised the last day was maybe the best. I had over 8000 just in the US. over a hundred in UK, about 30 in Germany, One in Spain, two in France. One thing I did was I made some of my blurbs on Goodreads facetious. Also, one of the Kindle sites for freebies posted me one day, so I have no clue on the impact of it. But one bad review, which I got this morning, puts me in the slough of despond. Still, it is endlessly interesting and still fun. I am trying to get a non-fiction up that has been in my mind for years, and the timing for it is right now,but I find myself rambling. But at least I am writing. Here: a personal blog post just for Tulasi-Priya.Thanks for stopping by.

    I think I have stopped by she writes. Is that Melissa Foster? I'll look again.

  3. Tulasi-Priya7:11 PM

    This was great. Thank you!


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