Thursday, January 17, 2013

Multi-layered Irony

First of all:  attribution.

This is a Getty Image which I snipped off the site, a site so well known for its above-normal standards I am certain the borrowing of it is totally okay.

This photo, although meant to be whimsical in its nature, is delightful and amusing in both appearance and context.  It is from an article dealing with the myths of society's view of women in the  Middle Ages on, a web site that pretty much deals in irony full-time.  The article about the Smurfs to which I wrote a history making aside, is by far one of today's finer pieces of contemporary literature. 

I love that her trophy is larger.  I love her gloating grin.  I love his wry look of acceptance.  This is a photo of a man that knows on which side his bread is buttered.

To dwell on the cultural, perhaps anthropological sub-text, please note that her trophy, besides being placed at the apex of a way more huge than necessary framework, is pointing upward, actually, let me say, boldly thrusting upward.  In bitter contrast we see that his tiny "loving cup" is a small and seemingly empty vessel, patiently and perhaps hopefully, waiting to be filled. And her trophy is held up and away from her body in an exhibitionist manner, a display of glory.  His tiny prize is held close to and in the center of his body.  Of course we none of us are going to grab this photo and run to our male partners and yell, "See!  I told you I was stronger, greater, better, etc."  But it is fun to see a common theme so quaintly and perfectly illustrated.  I would have to label it "food for thought".

And. of course, I am going to take this opportunity to mention that I wrote an acerbic, cute little treatise on this very subject which is enjoyable and illuminating.  Why not have a look at it?  I can assure you it will change your life.

Free to borrow with no due dates, but I am not sure if you have to be in Amazon Prime to do that.

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