Thursday, January 03, 2013


Do I have to say I was wrong. . .again?  My Wordpress blog outstripped my Google blog by one hit yesterday, And it is only a few months old.

Everyone says that Wordpress is so wonderful, but I still have issues with them that arise from my having a blog with them some years back with a different email name.  I rarely am able to comment on anyone's Wordpress blog. And it comes up a different way almost every time I sign in.  I have to go to Wordpress and log in instead of using my URL.  Well, what does that mean?  Maybe everyone does.

But, yeow, the traffic is impressive.  Still, ever cynical me wonders what if all those hits were on one blog?


  1. I've been told that I need to transfer to wordpress if I ever want my blog to be taken seriously. While I'm not so sure about that bit, I do have to say that Wordpress's themes look more polished than Blogger. Though, I've spent so much time and effort coding a square peg into a round hole, I am reticent to switch to something else.


  2. I just copy this to Wordpress. My heart is with the cage.


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