Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FAIL: Worth a Thousand Words

Here I go again.
This is one of those scotch picture hanger things that are supposed to come off clean.  I had to use two of them to hang a pic that was kind of heavy.  The hanger is sitting on a white piece of paper.  The blob at the bottom is the thing you are supposed to pull to get the thing off the wall, CLEANLY. The khaki blob next to the silver is my dining room wall paint.  Fail.

This is the back of the hanger.  The brownish stuff is the paper covering from the drywall underneath several coats of paint that all came off with the hanger.

This picture was hanging about a quarter of an inch crookedly so we determined with human logic that were we to remove the picture, cleanly remove one hanger, replace that hanger a quarter of an inch higher, the picture would then be straight.  Now we have to spackle and hope the paint still matches.  Fail

We didn't even get to pull on the little blob.  The entire mess came down when we lifted the picture.

If any of you know anyone who works for Scotch (used to be Minnesota Mining but I am old) tell them this blog had over 450 hits today. I think I will send the pictures to their customer service.  That's my human logic kicking in a little late.  But I bet there is a disclaimer on the now discarded packaging saying this MIGHT happen and they are not responsible.


  1. You see, this is my biggest complaint about hanging crap on my wall - I have a LOT of "lean" portraits - where they are huge photos that lean against the wall because I have never had success with these things.

  2. Yeah. I get that. We tried this cuz we have so many little holes from nails and other methods. I think I'll just use a sharpie and draw a picture.

    It was a windmill and the picture was all tiny words from Don Quixote. So cool. It sat for four months before I tried to hang it. Now, who knows? Nail Gun?

  3. You're getting lots of hits because your posts are fun/informative or both. Ignore the letters from disgruntled plumbers who say they were misled by titles, they're just looking for a freebie read.
    Hugs xxxx


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