Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My experience with Kindle went very well.  There is only one format problem where I tried to insert a line from a poem.  I will fix that when I am a little more sure of my niche.  One commentor said add more tags and I did that and it went back to review.  So that takes it out of availability for 24 hours. 

I want to put it on Smashwords which supposedly exposes you to more sites.  But their instructions are long.  I think I understand them but have to pick a time when my hands are not shaking because of six other things going on, like trying to get the storm damage fixed, the cars fixed, the couch out of the basement, the microwave hung up, the dog groomed, etc.

The feedback I've gotten is so positive that I feel I can make something of this if I follow the hints of the other self-publishers. 

Anyone who has anything to say about Smashwords, please comment here. 

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