Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've been calling around getting prices for a replacement part for my car. (It's a headlight assembly and the prices average $350.00.  So stupid.  Only the plastic lens is broken.  I want to use Shrinky Dink plastic but the husband says no.)  A local GM dealer had a decent price and could get it tomorrow.  So twice I tried calling there to say go ahead and order it and I am getting all furious (pay attention!  I said 'furious') because no one answers.  I let it ring about ten minutes each time.  Imagine sitting in this agency listening to this phone ring and ring.  Crazy making.  A few minutes ago, my husband returned from a trip to the bank, which is right next door to this GM dealer.  The streets around it are cordoned off by police.  He hears on the radio on the way home that someone in the dealership was stabbed to death and they had the perp in custody.  I hope it wasn't incessant ringing of a phone that set him off.  But, if he stabbed someone to death, he must have been 'furious.'

Since we have lived in Lindenhurst, about eleven and a half years, there have been three murders, one body found, two suicides I know of, and eleven normal deaths just on my block.  Thirteen years in Oak Park, I never heard of this.  Oak Park is immediately adjacent to the West Side of Chicago.  Lindenhurst is forty miles north near the Wisconsin border.  So much for going to the boonies for safety.

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