Monday, August 01, 2011


I admit I am a little obsessed with my stats.  I probably don't need to explain that it is an ego thing.  I have been feeling kind of bad lately that I am within a few minutes of launching my book and my stats have been in the gutter.  And I have had some editing problems, like the mysterious dotted lines that when you try to get rid of them, they reproduce like bacteria.  I am actually kind of afraid to open the MS cuz once I did and it had a bunch of red paragraphs, and I always look at that stuff like a sign from God. Although He has already mentioned that He likes the book and is glad I spelled His name right, and, no, He will not sue for royalties, I am free to quote Him as I see fit.  And I am so thrilled with my cover art.  I get scared that I am fooling myself about this whole thing, but then I have to reassure myself that I have good instincts and have always had to chastise myself when I let someone talk me out of following them.  So I am going to give it a go anyway.  Yeah, don't hold your breath just now.  Or sneeze.

But today?  The google stat thing is unreliable.  I have read about how they have all these different sources and it can be confusing, and last month was not too great.  And I am kind of ticked about fucking FaceBook.  It is like nobody pays any attention to me on it.  I kind of wish they had a FaceBook hissy page. But my blog stats said I had seventeen hits yesterday, and I think that is one of my all time highs.  I wonder why they don't comment.  I comment on all kinds of blogs.  Who cares if they have no clue who I am. 

And there was no particular reason for it which makes it feel better.  I have been feeling bad that I have not been connecting with some of my favorites that usually provide good return, but apparently some of them remember me anyway.  So, I am ready.  Just need to work on some chapter numbers, and I have kind of a weird idea about titles, and, lately I have been saying about stuff like Louie driving after his first vicodin hit, it is in the hands of God, so I am not going to worry about the red paragraphs, and God is actually kind of excited about His little chapter in the book.  He wants people to sit up and notice Him too.

And, no, No, NO, it is NOT a Christian book.  It is kind of what you might have to call "Adult".


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I read you! I was here! (And I think you're fabulous!)

  2. OMG. I solved the red text problem. My whole soul feels lighter.


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