Sunday, August 21, 2011


I am on the verge here, no pun intended.  I know I just have to get the right person to read this book and I will be in like a burglar. I will email a free PDF of the book to the first five people that ask for it.  (You can print out PDFs if you have enough paper!!)  All you have to do is promise me you will spread the word and tell me who you will spread it to, as I know you will love it.  Unless all you care about is vampires and zombies.  Here is my email address in case you can't find it in profile.  (I don't even know if it is there):  

(Be forewarned this is contemporary Romantic fiction with adult content. Please state that you are over 18.  No, it is NOT erotica.  Sorry.  Or Porn.  More sorry.)

When these promo sites start talking about enclosing a coupon, I can taste a little barf in the  back of my throat.

Next book release this week I hope.  Pending one more reread and finishing cover art.

Here is the link for the actual book, in case you want to buy it for your kindle or your phone:

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