Monday, March 28, 2005

Eight for Easter

My older daughter joined us for Easter with the excuse that she wanted to visit her three children. She has been gone for two months, and in the meanwhile, she has not learned a thing. She spoke to Billy in exactly the same hostile way. When he continued, through the evening, to dog her every footstep, she told him to stop cuz that was exactly what was causing her to stay away. Nice burden to lay on an eight year old.

Later Billy said, "Mom is leaving Monday." And I replied, "No, mom is leaving tonight." I am coming down with a virus cold, and I don't feel too great. Lou was great, as usual, about helping with the dinner, and it all turned out really well. But, all the table setting and serving and cleaning up was left to me. Fran dozed on the couch and Lisa talked on the phone. Fran's three year old, Ben, had liquid diarrhea and was not exactly at the top of his game. But the vomiting has slowed way down. I drove Lisa to the train at nine o'clock and gave her a twenty for train fare, etc. Big-hearted me. I would have given her a grand to get on that train if I had it.

Fran stayed over cuz she had to work Monday and Tuesday. So I am not getting much chance to catch up on a little rest and get over my cold. What else is new? C'ya, later...