Monday, September 03, 2018

Eating American Horses

Now people want a  national mandate about the export of horses.  Every county, at least in Northern Illinois, has its group of justice warriors that are rescuing starved and abandoned horses on private estates and farms. How old are the jokes about the glue factory?

A friend contributed to a charity that was trying to save the many burros running wild out west. They called to tell her the truck arrived in Chicago with her burro and please come pick it up. She lived in a city bungalow with her parents.

And what do they do when the wild mustang herds overgrow?  They have round ups and slaughter. They also do this with buffalo herds, for instance, in Custer State Park. (Maybe National Park.)

This is a perceptual problem. Cows are actually more intelligent than horses and much more interested in bonding with humans. We don't ride cows and we don't eat horses. Why is that? A food chain is a food chain. Does a spider get sad if a ladybug gets caught in his web instead of a housefly or a mosquito?