Monday, December 22, 2008

Whine: profuse, cheap and somewhat tart

Major barrel of whine today... Today is Sunday. I had a lazy morning and read the paper and did a few batches of wash. Then, around two, I left the house. I went to the ATM and got two twenty dollar bills because tomorrow is the last pre Christmas day to catch the garbage men and give them their Christmas tip. Then I went to Michael's for some note cards because I knew they had them for a dollar a pack. Walking back to the car I noticed that the minus five degree temperature and the gusting thirty mile winds kind of made my forehead hurt. I next went to Radio Shack and bought MP3's for the twins and the service agreement has the most attractive trade in feature. I bought a pink one and a red one. They are darling and I was so happy they still had them, but the twins will fight over the colors.

After that I drove to the hospital to visit my dad. I found a good parking space so that was nice and I did not have to walk in to the horrible wind to get in the hospital. Dad and I talked about his choices after he is dismissed tomorrow. His doc thinks he needs intermediate care so we hope he can get in the place closest to my house. He would prefer to go home and have me stay there with him a few days as the doc thinks he should not be alone. I wonder if it would be okay if I left him alone a few hours so I could go home and wash dishes everyday. After visiting a while and laughing over how badly the kitchen had goofed his dinner order, I left and went to Menard's to buy storm window film for my house as several storm windows seem to be missing or in that unreachable stack of windows and screens in the corner of the garage. They were closing Menard's so I had to rush but my cell phone only rang twice while I was there. I think I probably don't need to ever answer it again because I know for certain that whomever it is will just say, "Where are you?"

I first put the film up in my room and Lou commented that it seemed redundant since I had a storm window and he guesses we need new windows. But the process went well and quickly and the film did not get all stuck together. Then I covered one window in Fran's intermediate bedroom. She has purchased and closed on a new house. It is entirely repainted and carpeted and one bathroom is new and she apparently will be moving into it one item at a time for the next ten years or so. I told her I was a little tired and felt kind of woozy up on the step ladder so I would do the other window tomorrow.

Lou made me corned beef hash and two lacy eggs and they were perfect and delicious and I, of course, thanked him profusely a number of times, just to make sure he actually heard the thanks. I think maybe he did, but his usual unresponsive self did not reply to my remarks. As he carried his dishes over to the sink he did remark that the window over the sink was the one that really needed the storm window film. I of course took that to mean I had my priorities wrong in the course of action I took and I reassured him that I would cover it as soon as I got home tomorrow. While I was out, he was going to put in the new toilet, but there was a discolored patch of grout and he wanted to see if it would dry out, so the new toilet is in the living room and the old toilet is in the kitchen.

Then I took a Lunesta and fell asleep. It is three thirty am and I got up to do the dishes that had accumulated all day while I was gone. The twins left four pop cans and six plastic glasses among that lot. I wonder if I take any more Lunesta it will be an overdose, but I would like to sleep a little more.