Saturday, February 12, 2011

Threads of Sanity

Every thread I participate in grinds to a sudden halt as soon as I comment. Sometimes not immediately. Sometimes I tolerate two or three retorts or explanations and then I stick the pin in it, and it's over.(Or maybe I pull the pin on it. Same effect. Boom.) I feel kind of bad about it cuz we can get rolling along and five or six people will jump on board their own special little intellectual busses and it starts to get interesting and my blood starts to warm up and my forehead gets that manic burning sensation behind it that I quickly become addicted to. But then I guess it is kind of like I abruptly throw up a concrete abutment or something like a concrete abutment and it's over. Actually I kind of seem to be overdosing here on the mixed metaphors, but it is a phenomenon that I cannot ignore and hesitate to explore. I do not allow anonimity, at least in my case. My real name is up there in bright red for all to see. And the fun part is looking at the stats and seeing two people in Serbia have been exposed to my attempts at verbal dexterity. Some one said I am like the voice of reason in the wilderness, but that sounds kind of like an over used cliche'. But is there any other kind of cliche'? I really would love to continue the arguments in most cases, but usually it descends into such utter banality, it becomes too tedious and boring to continue. Or someone will start to talk about taking off their clothes and making out in pudding and then they start to talk about what kind of pudding and really. (I so sincerely wish I was kidding about that, but I'm not.) How feeble an attempt is that to change the subject? Come at me with both barrels. I will face your firing squad. Why is it that as soon as I say something that is inarguably correct, you all duck and cover? I can't fucking stand it. And, when I am wrong, or if I think you have misconstrued something I have stated, I am first up with the humblest of apologies. And, seriously, this is the written word we are talking about. You just have to accept that I am being totally sincere cuz you can not see my lips silently forming the words, "you stupid asshole." Don't lay down your arms. Please. Reload. I'll help you. I'll lend you some ammo.