Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Lawman Blurb

Why is this not yet on Amazon's page?  Annoying.

If you lost your husband in the line of duty, would you take a chance on another lawman?  Maybe it is what you are used to.  Maybe you think it is not worth the trouble to get involved just to end up alone, no matter how much you love each other.
Lily falls in love, but won’t commit to someone in a dangerous job, someone who puts his duty to his country before his family.  Forget what Shakespeare says about honor.   Go defend your nation, but leave me out of it.
How would you choose?  Would it be worth your while to have those few precious moments of happiness?  Tim is not going to wait for her to decide.  He is always in command.
Could you stand up to him?
Lawman by Virginia Llorca is a fast-paced racy modern love story that will keep you wondering whose side you are on. Lily will certainly try your patience.

 It is available for electronic readers at Amazon, free to borrow with no due dates at any time.

The first chapter is just down the blog a bit from a post earlier this month.

Monday, July 30, 2012


I will be obnoxious for the next five days.  Lawman is having its Select freebie from the thirty first through the fourth.  And, yes, I do expect you to sit there until midnight in your specific time zone until the proper moment.  The very least you could do is set your alarm.

I just spent almost 2 hours trying to post in the forums for Amazon in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.  Yes, I have had sales from them so I pay them homage. Besides, their translations are adorable.
Italy kept putting my search in cucina no matter how hard I tried.

This grows more difficult for me each day.  I used to get excited about it, anxious to look at the numbers, but lately it is getting to be kind of nervous making.

Well, you will love this book.  I think it is a little easier on the intimate relations language which I have been told gets "kind of strong", and you fidelity afficianados will have a few problems with it.  But it is way more light-hearted.  (One person said, "Witty.')  That's just how Tim rolls.

Have fun picturing who you want to play the characters in the movie.  And, by the way, Christian Gray?  Pffft.  You'll see what I mean.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Blurb

Do you really know how you would handle it?  Are you sure?  What would you do—what could you do if your first love, the guy that taught you everything about love came back into your life? What if he never really left?  You married someone else, you have kids, you made the good and moral decision to be faithful, to move on.  But this guy is always there for you when you need him the most, and he is so deeply embedded in your heart and soul, there is no saying no.  Can you love two people with complete passion?  Do you feel something must be missing somewhere?  Maybe not.  Sacred Sin, a modern, racy love story lets you decide what is right or wrong, because Jenny can’t.

Analyze This


I have two WIPS, one a non-fic that I have been taking notes on for years. Both over 30,000 words, mind crawling with ideas. Word file won't open. I have Word 2007 on another machine which I used today. Like that keyboard better. All my work is on USB sticks. I am procrastinating like a nitwit. Why? My blog hit average is higher than ever, comments rising. Timing is SO ripe for the non-fic. What is the step that I cannot take here?  It doesn't feel like burn-out. I feel restless about it, a common side effect of my condition, so I just need to get on with it.

I did a batch of promos for Anymore today, and my Smashwords views and samples are up and down to an extreme, up today. This doesn't relate to sales as they download to Kobo, nook, apple, Kindle etc from there. Only the spreadsheet shows sales and mine is stalled at January.  I don't know. One  dear writer I admire gave me a link that  set off a grenade in my head and all my promos on Book Blogs today were a new format. We shall see. Maybe that is where the spike came from. As soon as I think I am learning how to play the system, I feel like I have been cut loose in a riptide. 

Any words of advice, how you reacted when you were in such a place, hints, commiseration (well, not that so much) would be appreciated.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Post

I see that I have not posted anything in several days.  I understand that if I post nothing then there is no one showing up to read it.  (That seems like kind of a Yoda-like sentence.)  I  am trying new meds and procrastinating like crazy.  I have to figure out what is going on.  But what started all this craziness was a song, and there is a new one running through my head, so I think stuff is going to start wanting to be typed and/or said.  Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.  I'm gonna go eat ice cream.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family Politics.

I am from a military family.  My father was in the Navy and became a Police Officer after that.  My husband was active duty in the Navy for nine years and stayed in the Reserve long enough to earn full retirement benefits which have benefited us, now in our later years, very greatly.  He was called up for a Special Operation in the Persian Gulf about twenty years ago.  Two years after that there was a mention of "The Secret War" in Time magazine in about a three inch square block with a picture of his duty station showing all his comrades and probably him standing on the deck, but it was too small to tell.  But it is not like he served KP all those years. I am extremely prejudiced and very supportive of our Military as a whole.  I get upset about the subcontracting and other things that I feel are negatives in the practical operations of the system, but the Star Spangled Banner at the fireworks show on the Navy Base and the Jeff Daniels video (which I will try to link to) cause tears to run down my face and a catch to form in my throat.

I have surrendered a friendship of many years standing over politics.  I feel so helpless sometimes.  I try to speak out, but I have so many fears.  My two brothers are at polar opposite ends of the political spectrum, and I am currently in the process of switching one of my psychoactive  drugs, so I am a mess.  There are so many people I do not want to alienate because I love them.  But I am so physically sick and tired of everyone standing around and doing nothing, saying nothing.  Why does this process have  to be so full of fear and hurt for me?  Please don't say "Take a chill pill, honey" as that seems to be what too many people are doing.

I am a bear about voting.  Ask my grandchildren.  If I can get them in that booth I feel pretty much the same way I did at Fran's college graduation.  They say vote fraud has a huge impact, and I would like to think I make a difference but when you know the guy across the street or your cousin or your friend or your brother are cancelling out your vote, it seems so futile. I try to mend my own fences, because I have heard things would be better if everyone did that.  But now it seems that the whole has crumbled.  Stoning in Dearborn, Michigan, the whole country of Holland (some are still trying to uphold their ideals and some are being killed in the streets over it) , another city in Texas (of ALL places) the name of which escapes me--write offs. (Ted Nugent, get on with it.) And we sit and do nothing.

I have always wondered about the mentality of the suicide bomber.

I need to get back on my Xanax fast.

Hey, did you know that George Soros funds Snopes?

This is the link to the Jeff Daniels video:  (I can't click through.  If you cannot, pasting will take you there.  And you should go there.)


Monday, July 16, 2012

anonymous. . .

The person who is visiting my blog and commenting more and more often, here is a message just for you.

You always ask me questions and provide no link to your blog.  I don't like answering comments on my blog so much.  Especially if it is so off-topic as the raw egg one.  And everyone already knows my stance on off-topicness is fairly liberal.  (It so pains me to type that word.)

Please do not let this dissuade you from visiting or commenting.


Actually, my blog is basically always ephemera if you go for the strict definition.

Anyone using the word ephemera in their blog for the next week will be subjected to my derision.

I told someone I would post this chapter for their consideration but it was some time ago, so it is probably useless at this time.  Feel free to skip it since you are already in the counter*.  It is the first chapter of Lawman, and I had to check if Select allowed it and they do.  Frankly, I like the last chapter better.  And I am tired of people saying my characters are promiscuous when they sleep with maybe two or three different people in their fictional life frames. And always for the best  and most non-casual reasons.

by Virginia Llorca

Kindle Press Edition

Chapter One

“Called on the carpet.  Monday morning.  Ruin the whole week for me why don’cha?  Probably getting the axe.  Hope it’s budget and I didn’t goof up.  Stop, Lily.  No point in wild conjecture.  Not wild.  Gotta be the axe.”  She tried to talk herself out of the worst case scenarios as she walked toward the States Attorney’s  office.

Shoulda found my own job.  Stop it, Lily.  Not the end of the world.  You already survived that.  Chin up.  Paste on the smile.   Hi, Kelly!”  as she walked in.

“Hey, Lily!  How are ya doing?”

“Do I look as scared as I feel?”

“Wait til you see the crowd waiting on you!  Seriously, don’t worry.  It’s all good, hon.”

“Just have to tough my way through it.”

“And we all know that’s your strong point.  You’ll be fine, hon.   Lily’s here, sir,” she said to the intercom.

Lily had never seen so many people in Don’s office.  “Fire code violation,” she thought.  “Terminate me, I’ll retaliate!”. . .trying to buoy herself up.

“Lily, darlin’!  You brighten my day!”

Whoa,” she thought, “aren’t we cooling the family stuff at work anymore?

“Let me introduce you around, darling.  Lily, this is Max Davidson.  Midwest Regional Director for the FBI.  Mr. Davidson, Mrs. Scofeldt.”

“How do you do, Mr. Davidson.  I’m honored to meet you.”    (“Crap.  What did I do?  Regional Director?  Crap. . .”)  Two more FBI associates.  Someone from the governor’s office, the mayor’s office, and two ADA’s she already knew.

“I’m sure you’re wondering what this is all about, darling.”

(“Please stop calling me darling in front of the brass, Don!” she was screaming in her brain.)

“I can only imagine I’m being terminated.  And I’m hoping it’s budget related and not because of some horrible error I am blissfully unaware of.  But all the brass. . .   I mean. . . . Well. . . ”

“No, honey.  We have no intention of terminating your service.  We’re very pleased with your performance.  Especially liaising this difficult case.  Actually, Celeste was saying the boys are both going to be full day at school now, and we were thinking of asking you if you could come in the other two days.  Of course, we’ll still make sure you get home in time for the bus.”

“Oh, that would be so great, Don, er. . .  I mean, Mr. Solomon.  I was gonna ask about it.  Yeah.  Thanks.   I would like that.”

“Ahem. . .” coughed Mr. Davidson.

“Yes.  We’re getting sidetracked.   Down to the business at hand, Lily.  I’m afraid the subject we have to discuss may strike you as a bit more awkward  than being terminated.  You know how difficult it is to keep our personal lives out of the office, especially in this town.  And you know how serious this case is.  We just need to establish a few facts because we’re planning to hand down the indictment Wednesday a.m.”

“Yes, sir.  And I’m really glad we’ve finally reached that point.”

“We all are.  It’s been difficult.  Hon, there has been a kind of persistent undercurrent of gossip lately, and normally, giving it credence would only exacerbate the issues. But because of what’s at stake. . .” he paused to let Mr. Davidson jump in. 

“This is of a personal nature, and you are, of course, free to choose not to answer. We have to tell you though, that choice may affect our decisions.  We feel we must ask you at this time, Mrs. Scofeldt, if you did have or if you are having a personal relationship with Special Agent Raia.”

Lily was rocked back on her heels, but, of course, only figuratively, although it was apparent to everyone that she began to blush furiously and took a slightly deeper breath than usual.  Being taken completely unaware, and naturally tending toward being a bit outspoken, she blurted, unthinking, “Not yet!”  The sound of several chuckles being muffled was all that was heard for a few seconds too long.  “I mean, it seems. . .  I mean, I’ve heard. . .  I take this job very seriously, and I’m sure Special Agent Raia does also.  And, well, no.  I mean, I’ve never even had a personal conversation with him.  Well, wait, once he called me into his office for a conversation about an error, but I understand those instances have to be documented.”

The director spoke up to Don, chuckling, “That would be the now famous ‘tiny, arrogant, expletive deleted, small-town prom queen with attitude’ document?”

“I do believe that is the incident she is referring to,” Don laughed.   “And I believe since he insisted that be in her file, we will have to give her an opportunity to respond.”

“Perhaps in writing would be the best venue, although, if she insists, we could have a hearing,” the Director went on, with more than a hint of unprofessional sarcasm in his voice.

“I am confident enough in my standing on the issues he brought up that I don’t think it’s necessary for me to respond in any way.  And, since this isn’t vaudeville, I think we can stop the ‘schtick’ at my expense for now.”  Lily’s self assuredness quickly overcame the feeling that all this brass might be a little intimidating.

“Sorry, ADA Scofeldt,” said the Director, with an actual humble note in his tone.  “Sometimes we can act a little unprofessionally as we wind down these difficult cases. We’re probably all just a little too comfortable with one another after so long.”

“Okay, hon.  We can see clearly where you stand on this matter,” said Don.  “And we do seriously appreciate your candor.  We’ve already interviewed SA Raia, and we’re satisfied that we can go ahead with our plans.  SA Raia’s plans. . .  Well, probably not appropriate to comment on that in this venue.”  He rose from his desk and stood at Lily’s side as she shook everyone’s hand and walked to the door.  He put his arm around her shoulder so all would see she had his complete support, and he walked her past reception into the hall.  He figured they already knew he was her godfather and uncle, anyway.  And didn’t really care what they thought at this stage of his life. “Baby.  I’m so sorry to have put you through this, but you handled it beautifully.”

“Foot in mouth.”

“Nothing they weren’t already too aware of, babe.  And, honey, I don’t want to scare you, but this Tim, this Agent Raia?   I sat in on the interview, and he’s as straight arrow as they come. But we had to ask him some very direct questions, and Lily, as far as you are concerned, this is a bull in a pen, pawing at the ground.”

“Don.  Yikes.  I mean, Celeste already gave me the big sister talk and I can’t help but be aware of the tension in the room when he’s around.  But, yikes.  I mean.  I’m not disinterested, but you’re scaring me a little.”

“You’re ready for a little fun, babe.  Ben’s been gone two years now.  You know you’re ready to move on.  Just don’t make any hasty decisions.  Gotta get back.  Love you, darlin’.  You’ll be fine.”  And he didn’t care who saw him give her that affectionate smooch.  There were certain advantages in being the big gun in a small town.


Well, the guy is a fox,” she was thinking.  "Tim?"  All she had ever heard was SA Raia.  “Timmy?  Cute.  Well, I’d give him a second glance for sure.  Guess I already have.  But, heck,  his job is over in this town on Wednesday.  And that starts my two weeks off.  Bobby starting first grade.  Really a way bigger deal than Agent Raia’s potential.  But, yeow.  Everyone can feel what’s going on when he’s in the same room I am.  Might be fun.  Well, we’ll see.  The ball is in his court.  Anyway, who knows where he even lives.  I’m not even gonna ask Celeste.  Any information goes out as quick as it comes in with her.  Last thing he needs to hear is me making inquiries.”


But Celeste was calling before Lily even got half way home.  “I heard you were interrogated by the big brass.”

“Not exactly interrogated, Celeste.  Everything is cool.”

“No.  It’s not cool, babe.  This is anything but cool.  How many months did you work together?  Four?  Five?  That’s a lot of foreplay.”

“Don’t be gross, Cece.”

“The weird thing is he’s actually asked a couple of people if you’ve said anything about him.  I don’t know if that’s adolescent or stalkerish.  Kinda creepy.”

“The last thing I read off this vibe is creepy.”

“What’s the first?”

“C’mon, Cece.  Give me a break here.  I’m practically a novice at this.”

“And he’s been divorced eight years!  Fireworks, Lily!  Even the Director made a remark about it.  Something about fireproof sheets when the two of you get together.  And he talks to Raia all the time.  Wow, love to be the fly on that wall.”

“That would border on sexual harassment if I heard it, I think.”

“Well, it would have to be Agent Raia to bring charges and who knows who started that conversation.  I just get the trickle down from Don. You know guys are utterly gross about that stuff.  But Don did emphasize the fact that the word was when you get together, not if. ”

 “Like I’m not going to have anything to say about it?  Too bad they don’t have something a little more professional to discuss. Anyway he’ll probably be on a plane Wednesday night.”

“No, baby.  Lots of people are laying money on this one.”

“Nice.  Small town mentality.  Nothing else to talk about.”

“You’re our star, honey.  You’re everyone’s darling.   But I kind of get the feeling your goose is cooked.”

“Speaking of cooking, gotta fix dinner, sweetie.  Let it rest.  Love you.”


The indictment went down without a hitch on Wednesday.  Senior Special Agent Raia and the Director, along with State’s Attorney Solomon, handled the press conference.  Lily was so far down on the totem pole she didn’t even have to hang around for that.  Of course her absence was noted.  “I wanted to give a special thank you to our newest ADA, Lily Scofeldt for the great job she did for us, but apparently she has already left.”

Someone spoke out, “We’re sure you’re going to be able to deliver that thank you personally, Tim.”

“I hope the mikes are off.  You guys really need to get a life.”

“Right now it’s your life we’re talking about, Raia.  And Lily’s. Don’t forget this entire town thinks she’s under its protection,” said Don, trying to sound a bit protective and fatherly, despite the huge smile on his face.

And Lily was driving home thinking Agent Raia might have at least made an effort to say good bye to her after all the hype.  But mostly she was thinking about Friday being the first day of school for Bobby.  Only a half day, but so exciting for him to go on the big kid’s bus.  Still, she admitted she felt a little let down.  And it turned out the whole weekend seemed kind of long.  Maybe being away from work for two whole weeks with the kids gone all day wasn’t such a good idea.  And weather unseasonably warm for this late in the summer was promised. Of course there were plenty of projects around the house that needed attention, especially the yard which was showing signs of neglect and needed an end of summer clean up.


End of chapter one.

*Speaking of counters--my blog site shows counters with three differing opinions.  They must be opinions since they so widely vary.  Well, maybe not widely.  It just goes to show me I shouldn't be concerned with them, right?

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Blogs and stuff

I just spent two solid hours reposting stuff between Pinterest and Tumblr.  Make it worth my while.

I think this is like those people who are so into scrapbooking. My tumblr blog is Red Musings and I reposted from another blog that specifies you can only post if you are a redhead or an artist who paints or photographs them

.And, as usual, I fully own the fact that it is distracting me from the WIPs.

My real life. . .

33 ways to stay creative

Good nudges:
(From Stumble Upon)

33 Ways to Stay Creative

Except. what if you aren't so creative in the first place?

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There was another big plagiarism brouhaha recently but it was all blog wise, so maybe some of you, the uninitiated, missed out on it. It was very blatant and the person tried to apologize in a bunch of euphemistic terms in such a way that she was not accepting blame.  Finally, weeks later I think it was, she threw in the towel and said, "Yeah.  I'm a thief."

I went through this when one of my grandaughters was in high school and she had to do a biographical poster for math class.  You didn't ask me, but it seems obvious we are in trouble here from the get go.  What kid that  can read doesn't do cut and paste for this type of project?  Well the teacher's biggest complaint was she did not source one of the photos which was scanned from a book.  I went to every body that had anything to do with it with the most amazing letter that I came across recently and still wonder at.  Its verbosity, its cunning use of language, its explicitness.  It left no room for argument, and it made such a huge impression on me that I never bothered to find out if he decided to cut Cas a little slack on the grade.  Similar incident when Fran was in high school, but different.  She got twenty percent for the research, twenty percent for the outline, twenty percent for the index cards, twenty percent for the rough draft and twenty percent for the final doc.  (Is that 100 yet?)  So she never handed in the final doc so the teacher gave her a zero.  It was agreed that the system of grading was indeed flawed but it was also agreed that Fran did indeed earn eighty percent of the grade.  That one I know was changed.  Didn't matter in the long run as is true of most of the causes around which I choose to rally.  She got a scholarship to Loyola based on her GED scores.

Anyway. . .

The thing is, and this is at least the third time this has happened,  I drop the husk on the floor when I leave which is all that is left of the seed of the idea that blossomed into some marvelous piece of editorial genius, and someone finds it and runs with it.  Only they don't even run in the right direction.  It isn't just stealing, well, let's be kind and let them call it inspiration, it is rubbing my nose in it.  Cuz I can say it better and it was my seed so get the hell off the farm. It's like that meme on Pinterest where they show you how to make the inside out cupcakes and then you post your photo of the outcome which is a hilarious mess and the caption reads, "Nailed it."  I swear, if I had any way of knowing if that person derived any satisfaction from finishing their pointless paragraphs, I would be even more pissed off.  Every time I see a movie or read a book and say, "Oh, I used that in my book"(months before) I want to weep except I am so far past being emotionally involved in this little hobby/career foible I call my writing.  And there is a screen play and some dick actress doing a shitty job of saying what my Jenny said or my Deanie said.  And they are sitting in the basement counting their nickles.  Oh irony of ironies.  

Well, I guess it is time for me to fall back on "I had my day in the sun" and just remove myself from the issues.  But no.  I am too nosy, too curious, too conceited to let it drop.  I shall drag it kicking and screaming with me to the grave.  Except, I forgot, I'm not going to do the grave thing.

Saturday, July 07, 2012


Everybody hopes they will be remembered when they are gone.  My younger brother was nine when my maternal grandma died and he says he has no recollection of her at all.  That makes me especially sad because I remember  her sitting in the rocker when he was a baby and rocking him and humming to him for hours on end.  I am positive she sang the words when we weren't around, cuz that's the way I roll on that one, but it is an image I keep in my mind.  Unfortunately there are some not so pleasant, but I am good at ignoring that.  Actually, even when my mom and dad were out and she was in charge and she forced us to kneel at the dining room chairs and pray aloud is not an unpleasant memory, and it always makes me think how important it was to her to try and save our souls.  Her faith is what led her to have such a peaceful attitude toward her dying, a fact she lived with for awhile.

But I digress, excessively.

Do you do Pinterest?  Do you even know what it is?  I love it.  It is a huge time suck but so much fun.  Not in the sense of "Ha Ha ha", although there is occasionally that.  But as an  excuse to keep you from writing or editing or vacuuming.  Many a moon ago, I came across an entry that I repinned, also many a moon ago.

Well, not too easy to read but that is extra large.  Original runs way off the page edge.

Anyway, that was Mitch Hedburg.  I really liked him.  He was so George Carlinesque in his take on reality but picked on the strange  little things, like the waffle.  I don't think George Carlin did waffles..
Fran came home from a class one day to tell me her speech teacher mentioned Mitch Hedburg.  She was sure I was the only person in the world that ever heard of him. So today someone reposted this on Pinterest.  My caption was "Gone too soon."  He died in his early fifties from some drug related thing which is not a big deal, Heath Ledger, me, etc., but so brilliant to be snuffed out so soon.  So I linked to the poster's board and she had some more of his stuff.  I thought it was great that a person can live on like that.  No body special but left a nice legacy.  I am glad to remember him.