Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Spectrum of Bitterness Part Three

Warning: Dirty Laundry being aired. Don't like that? Don't read this...

Today, ah, a beautiful, perfect day weather-wise. Tried to garden... "Someone" took my landscaping staples. "Someone" said the water from the hose was inhibiting their plans. So I went to empty the wagons of the rubble I had left to molder. As I returned from that chore, which I carried out just as soon as "someone" suggested to me that it needed to be done, I walked up the stairs to hear my husband in conversation with AT&T, attempting to get the phone service reconnected. (What Barbour parka? What Filson Cruiser? What motorcycle?) And he was explaining to the customer service representative how much I weighed.

Why am I here?

"Someone" once said that no one is useless. They can always be used as a bad example.

Another gorgeous day in my life, shot to hell.