Monday, August 27, 2012

Going Around It

I'm not going to step in it this time. I'm learning to recognize it and I am walking around it.

There was a post on Cafe Mom last week about giving kids toy guns. The most die hard philosophs saying their kid would never have a toy gun, gave up when seeing junior shaping his hand like a gun and pretending to kill his sister. Then it was time for the talk where you educate the kid about the gun and instill respect for them. This should have come first.  You do this with words.

OneAussie guy would not climb down off his soap box  insisting that if there just were fewer guns the percentage of killings would be lower. He kind of "withdrew" when about forty women said, knowledge and respect for weapons, are a parenting issue.  Not a legal weapons issue.  The thread wound down but the issue won't. They have made it a political issue so we are SOL. We will  never lose the right to bear arms, but we will have to listen to the great and gaseous voice of dissent forever.

Then did you hear about the pedi-cab business in Chattanooga?  Another case of lawmakers flying right up their own assholes.

Then this nice little graphic goes around --I posted it on my wall with a logical comment about reviews. This graphic raised a SHIT storm against it saying it was whiney begging for reviews, which I can't for the life of me read into it. I got two positive comments almost immediately, twice the usual amount.  So, between seeing all the narrow minded postulating suggesting you write the book and sit back and wait for the money to drop in your lap because promoting "flogging" your book ( which I freely cop to) is beneath we artists.and then finding out one of the BIGGEST guns in epub got his big push into the industry by buying good reviews, I think the epub industry has taken a gunshot low in the belly and will suffer for this but perhaps survive.  Since it is a metaphorical gun, we don't need to get back into our Constitutonal law again.

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