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First let me announce the production of an entirely new novel, way off the beaten path from the frivolous but fun stuff I write. The YA (young adult)  (lots of sex, but implied) market is so hot right now, especially if it is paranormal  so I have decided to whore out my abilities.

In this book the main character is a young girl about sixteen years old.  Since she "became a woman" at age thirteen she has noticed she has strange powers.  She can levitate small objects by thinking at them.  Every day she finds she can levitate bigger and bigger objects.  Her husband/boyfriend will never need Viagra.

Then she falls in love and her love interest is aware of her powers and she fears that is the only reason he is consorting with her, but he is nice and she likes him.  Then, with his prescient power, one of many, he realizes that their kingdom will be invaded by a group of human-like creatures with a name I haven't made up yet.  Then they begin to find others with  super, "paranormal" if you will, powers and they all band together to defeat the enemy and live happily ever after except for the things that will happen in book two and book three.

Just kidding here.  That is the plot of 84% of all "YA" novels and I sure don't need to write another one.

Secondly, I am not a very popular writer.  According to recent graphs posted on Amazon, I am 672,000 in rank in one category and 34,000 in another.  I get some nice reviews, more nice than bad, but I get some bad ones too. I have actually made money on this project.  Actually it is always a surprise when money is posted to my account because I seem to be completely unable to understand the charts and reports offered for my perusal. And I read the reviews, and I am getting better about not crying over them if they are cruel.  BUT.  I read one that very kindly gave me a two star review.  The things she said, I think she should have given me a minus five, but that's just me.  The review was interesting but I got the distinct impression she was having trouble following the story.  One girl, two guys.  What is complicated about that?  Anyway, it is kind of long, but  most every one, even the haters, have to struggle through to the end to see who gets shot first.  Which I consider sort of a compliment.  BUT one thing she said puzzles me endlessly.  She said, "At one point it seemed like the narrator was telling the story." As opposed to what?  Waiting in the car?

I know  there is a big deal about "showing" rather than telling.  "Showing" is big with MFAs.  Many popular authors say "Hogwash.  I am here to tell a story." I tell.  But you see every thing that is going on so I guess my telling shows stuff.  My work is very visual. My brother said about one, "It is a chick flick."  I also classify that one as positive.

Well there was a third thing, but my anxiety ridden mind has lost that thread.  You were getting sleepy anyway.  Maybe I will catch up with you later.

Oh, no.  Wait up a sec.  I remembered it.  I received  a comment on Outside Plumbing.  He very kindly offered hints on how to get your outdoor faucets ready for the frosts of winter.  I thought that was adorable.  I am also pretty sure he didn't read Outside Plumbing.

Huge HUGE thanks to all of you that have stopped by during 2012.  I am amazed and grateful.  Being inordinately cynical, I can't help but wish those blog hits were cash sales of the books, but I appreciate you stopping by.

Y'all come back, now.  Real soon.

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  1. Aye, just when a good review makes you think you've got it right, some spiteful beggar comes along with a ridiculous score and a brand of nastiness that shows they didn't understand the book and that they skipped over parts.
    I can cope with constructive bad reviews but some people are only there for the pleasure of being nasty. We live in a very funny World.


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