Sunday, March 10, 2013

Amazon Rank

If anyone knows how to interpret this, please comment.  I think it must mean that, if no one else sells a book in my category, I get my rank back because I haven't had an Amazon sale since 2/22/13. I don't see why my rank would go up otherwise.  I can't bump anyone if I didn't have a sale.

I have heard they have complex algorithms, but I don't see how freebies and cash sales on Smashwords would even get in Amazon's data. 

If you don't know, look at your rank and tell me what you think.


It is so pale.  I am sorry.  I don't have time to work on that.


  1. I believe hat reviews also give you rank don't they? Perhaps freebies or smashwords sales have generated reviews that have bumped you up.There's sure to be someone in the know who can tell you for sure. Whatever's doing it, Well Done. It can't hurt.

  2. David: I am not sure what affects it. I am pretty low in review numbers also. The only thing that has increased is my blog hits which has grown a great deal. They will never tell about their algorithms and I understand they change all the time. It looks way better than it actually is, I think. But like you say, it can't hurt. Thanks for stopping by. I hope it is going okay at your end. I think of you often. Isn't that strange?


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