Monday, August 26, 2013


Photo: Caught my breath.


Yet another male blogger went on record today as probably being a feminist.  He mentioned along the way that there is such a thing as male privilege and the males should consider male privilege a privilege and not abuse it. Above is an illustration of the only male privilege I recognize.

I am not a feminist.  I am a chauvinist.  I freely admit to being manipulative and opportunistic.  And, yet, I am completely able to say without any waffling or reluctance that everything I have I got.  I have never in all my many years been affected by male privilege unless I needed someone taller than I am to change a light bulb for me and there was no ladder nearby.  I am sure, if necessary, I would have been able to have all my sexual needs met in some way, were there not a male around for miles, or planets.  I think it is interesting that some people have a penis but I certainly do not envy them owning that.  And whether or not I desired to mess around with one, I am completely glad that they have the penis and not me.

I admit -- and you can all get out your placards saying "See.  She is just another shallow bitch" and start your parade -- that I have ALWAYS felt privileged.  Now I am a grandmother, but awhile back I was a very attractive redhead.  In fact, I was much more attractive than I ever knew.  And yet I was able to USE that factor to very good advantage.  Fuck all that bullshit about I want him to love me for my mind.  I had an IQ of 152 at age eleven and sometimes I had to ACT stupid to get some guy in the sack.  Yeah.  Some guy.  Sure I got married and played all the conventional marriage games and parenthood games.  I have been hurt.  I have been sad.  I have been angry.  But there has never been a male that was or would be less hurt or less angry or less sad in the same situation.

In fact, when I stop for  a very brief moment to consider all the many many things that cause a male's attention to flag, sexually, not to be too obtuse but what I mean is cause his dick to go limp, in retrospect, I got over my tears or anger with way less repercussion.

I wrote a whole book, very conciliatory in nature, and quite short, explaining why it is often necessary for females to tiptoe round the very sensitive penis -- not the very sensitive male that owns it.  Fuck him.  I have never noticed that males get more salary for an equal position or job. I am sure I can find countering statistics for every instance you display to me.  I think all the crap about men walking on the curb side of the walk when in the company of females in order to keep camels from splashing mud on the lady's fine gown is so much anthropological and cultural drivel.  The guy wanted to get laid.  Just SHUT UP.

This is all cultural, anthropological and genetic.  It all started to favor the gene pool and it was never done consciously.  It evolved.  And no, I do not believe cavemen rode dinosaurs.  Sure, people went along with this or that custom or manner so society would not frown upon them.  But, even then, it is/was done in order that the person so acting would be held in positive esteem.  He sought positive esteem.  I didn't.  I had it. I was born with it.  Maybe you were not.  Maybe that is why you have to buy into all this love me for my mind stuff.  Whatever.  It's your program, not mine.  Just don't bullshit me.

If you feel a sense of inadequacy in any area, deal with it.  Don't try to get a bunch of followers to march behind you in support in order that you may feel not so inadequate.  I am not saying you should go step on every one's toes.  I never stepped on anyone's toes.  And I keep my toes out of the way so no one steps on them.

John Scalzi's name has come up twice recently in this type of discourse. One conversation was about "rape culture".  I entered into that conversation.  It was based on some etymological error which I pointed out.  It didn't go over real well, but, it went unrebutted.  This other was him wearing some hideous dress.  Whether anyone so homely and unfeminine, made any kind of statement by wearing a very ugly dress is so far removed from intelligent discourse, it is to laugh.  I genuinely feel John Scalzi is a political suck up.  As far as wanting to get more females to read his books in the male dominated genre of speculative fiction, (or science fiction, or horror, or whatever they are calling it today) he may in fact be a whore.  Not passing judgement.  Just sayin'.

Beat your own drum.  I am not listening.  You shouldn't need me to listen.  My own music plays inside my very fucked up brain, and it is all I need.  When someone echoes it, I send money to iTunes.

Male privilege.  You wish.

I will repost in the a.m. for the dayshift. 

Photo Attribution:   I will get back to you on that tomorrow.  I am in too much of a pissed off hurry right now.  I do have the guy's (sigh) name  (Steven Amman) and the name of the site it can be traced to. If it violates a copyright, please inform me.  I will promptly remove it.  There are plenty more where that came from. 


  1. LOL, I love you Virginia.

  2. OMG, Jonathan. Most profound blog EVER? Laugh not.

    Well, I guess my tongue is usually n my cheek when not lashing at something or someone.

    Alas, our love is doomed by my crone-ship. But I think I can just barely squeak you in as an honorary grand-child.

  3. I LOVE you so much, Virginia!!! ♥

  4. Thank for stopping by and saying kind things. God, how I wish you owned Doubleday.

  5. I love, love, love this. "I have never in all my many years been affected by male privilege unless I needed someone taller than I am to change a light bulb"... [insert crazy smiling face here]

    1. Thanks for coming by. As usual Wordpress deep sixed my comments on your blog. Do you deserve that amazing Coach bag? I hope so. . .


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