Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Write

Well, I was on a major writing kick a few years back. I was doing fairly well selling ebooks on Amazon and Smashwords. I hate promoting and felt like I had plateaued. I have about 80% of another fiction work completed, and I dabble in weird genres every now and then. It isn't even that I want to. It is more like I have to. I think that once you write something and someone buys it and says, "Crazy good read", you are sort of hooked.

I have stopped promoting, and my sales have tanked. But I have started dabbling again. Wrote some stuff on various Web platforms. Then, out of the blue, I sell a book. Minute in fact, but it boosted my author rank about a million steps. Not kidding. Was #20 for a minute in one category. Then I noticed a hit on one of my exposition websites. Then I notice a follow from someone in the business. Actually felt kind of embarrassed about that. So, it wakes stuff up. It's  always there.

I have a typed story that I wrote when I was about twelve. It is short. A story for a child by a child.  Old fashioned typewriter. Yellowed, brittle paper. So much fun to look at.

I write.


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