Sunday, July 08, 2018

The Atlantic

Do you know the magazine The Atlantic Monthly? It used to be considered kind of literary. My cousin got a poem published in it. So, some offer, I subscribed. It is a liberal, if not Left Wing, propaganda rag. It isn't even subtle. And you know every company that buys an ad in there supports their blatant, anti-Trump agenda. It is amazing to me how much good Trump is accomplishing despite so many people and institutions trying to undermine him. Even National Geographic came right out and called him a liar in an article. Hey, maybe Trump has some supernatural support. It is almost impossible to believe how fast he is rowing against the current. He is getting the job done. May Whoever continue to bless his success and guide him.



  1. RIGHT on sister. And may the RIGHT keep him protected.

  2. Hi, Wally!!

    Thanks for commenting!


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