Monday, March 13, 2006

Truth in Small Doses

So far 2006 has been a real scream. I spent a long time in Florida. I came home with a whole new perspective on irony, devotion, loyalty, love, duty and probably a bunch of other stuff.

In one respect, I have lost patience for so much stuff. I think it is just that I have broadened my personal definition of bull, and I just don't want to deal with it or the people that purvey it. Two little girls in Chicago have recently been killed by stray bullets. This is very very tragic of course. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child at so early an age. Well, maybe I can. But, on the very page where a person is editorializing about the tragedy, (and, by the way, spending more time emphasizing the tragedy is actually the lack of gun control, and not the loss of the young lives...) in the adjoining column, is a story about three children that were killed in a house fire which involved too few smoke alarms and someone that was a cigarette smoker. Those two elements seem much easier to legislate about and control, personally or otherwise. The editorial did not touch on that at all.

Maybe my views on this are colored by the fact that my father was a police officer for many years, until he retired. But I just do not get why people think that laws are going to influence whether or not criminals will carry or use guns. Criminal::no respect for law. DUH...

Here are a few basic truths that I think I will have to write the Tribune about...

Almost any one reading this knows my references, so you know you HAVE to believe this is actual fact based on my colorful and long life experience:

Tailgating is WRONG unless you are having a picnic in a parking lot.

Hydrogen fuel makes more sense, scientifically and practically, than HYBRID cars. Send that money to a lobbyist.

Gun control will NEVER have any affect on criminals and their choice of weapons. Guess what? It is already illegal to CARRY an unregistered weapon. Hey, do ya think criminals are registering those guns?

Well, I truly do not know why it is so important to expound on these few subjects right now. But I think it has something to do with worrying about recurring cancers and beautiful lives coming to an ending place. Distorts my perspective I guess.

I am so glad to be back here.

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  1. Hello, I came across your blog randomly and it seems as if your plate is so full! I admire what you are doing for your grandchildren and I admire your views on world violence and its horrors.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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