Monday, January 23, 2012


I received four carrots. It brought to mind a memory. When I was a sophomore at college, A Catholic University in Chicago, everyone was sitting around the union one day talking about their summer jobs. I actually worked at the telephone company as an operator (Something that comes back to haunt me) and I babysat. (More haunting in the truest sense) but I told them I went out to Las Vegas and worked as an exotic dancer. I said the difference between an exotic dancer and a stripper was that an exotic dancer already had her clothes off and I wore a ruby in my navel. Mind you, most of these people were graduates of Trinity or Fenwick or Loyola Academy, and many of them stood there agape. Most of them knew I was just joshing. Anyway, I almost forgot the best part. I told them my stage name was Carrots LaRue and I had an album coming out in December.

So as a reward for my early and more recent attempts at story telling, I was awarded four carrots from the Bunnies and I will copy the review here for all of you, and for me, that feels really good about it.

Lawman by Virginia Llorca

I honestly do not know how or where I got this book but I read it. If the author sent this to me to review sorry I must of lost your email. This review is my personal opinion of the book. This is not a paid review. To form you own opinion about this book please support the author and invest in your own copy.

There are two main characters in this book Lily and Tim. All of the others characters are very minor and do not influence the book much.

Lilly is a prosecuting attorney and a young widow. Tim is the go-to-guy for anything the FBI (or the government) needs while also being a special agent.

Lily and Tim's paths cross while on a case. They each know there could be something more than just co-workers but do not allow anything to happen while on the same case. After the case is finished Tim takes leave from work and drives down to see Lily.

Lily and Tim have lot's of sex in this book. So if you do not like reading about sex scenes then this book is probably not for you. No this is not an erotic book. Just the average book with sex scenes.

Although Lily and Tim want things to work out and be a family it is a question of if they can overcome the problems in the relationship. While Tim does not think the problems are enough to stop the relationship from going forward, Lily thinks they should stop and talk, about the problems.

Can Lily and Tim overcome the problems and be a couple?

While I enjoyed this book I did not feel connected to the characters through out the whole book. Sometimes the connection was there and sometimes it was missing. To me this book is what a lot of couples go through when they have a high-profile job and are trying to find the one person that will make them whole. Yes, there are sex scenes and lots of arguing between the characters. That is what makes this book seem so real to life. Whether this book was 100% of the authors creativity or she used some parts of either her past or someone's past it is a good read.

The bunnies and I give this book 4 Carrots. ( through google search.


  1. Sounds like an interesting story. And I never knew the difference between and exotic dancer and a stripper until now. Aha!
    But I'm confused-- Is it your book and your review? Who wrote what and who are the bunnies? (Please forgive me, I am just rejoining this blog and probably missed something.)

    1. The Bunnies awarded me a four carrot review for my Book Lawman. I just edited this whole blog as it was bit disjointed. I have to go find their link as they are s kind. Thanks for stopping by.


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