Monday, January 09, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I feel like I am piloting a ship into uncharted waters here.  I am supposed to list seven formerly unknown things about me.
1. I wear my pjs inside out so the seams don't irritate me.
2.  My husband really was on a Seal Support team in the Navy so I do know a little about it.
3.  I never dyed my hair.
4.  I would drink two milk shakes at lunch in high school to try and gain weight.  Ha Ha on me.
5.  I still get terrible crushes on people.  Inappropriate at my age.
6.  I smoked tons of dope when I was thirty-ish
7.  The last few pages of LAWMAN is the best thing I ever wrote and maybe that anyone wrote.  And too bad if you don't know that.  You should.

Wow. That was fun.  I wish you had to list ten cuz I was just getting warmed up.

Now, I am supposed to list five blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award. Not easy cuz I am kind of a blog whore.

1.  Roy York at Grandpa York cuz he is too good to be true for a variety of reasons and he is a great cheerleader.  Also very good with the written word.
2.  Lyra at Lyrical Meanderings, because she has cute kids and works very hard.
3. pascal campion at pascal campion cuz I love his work and I am trying to butter him up.
4.  Betsy Lerner at because her blog is almost the same as dope to me. And I am not too sure about the real name of the actual blog.
5. Burton Book Reviews because it is lovely and my oeuvre.

If I am supposed to convert these into links, I am really sorry.  I wept today because I found a tiny program to successfully disable caps lock, so I celebrate my non-techiness. Use Google, guys. That's what it's for.


  1. Very nice!

    So, did you give up dope entirely, or just cut back so that it doesn't qualify as "tons" any longer?

    1. Changed brands. I think I was supposed to put your name on the recommended blogs. Do overs?


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