Monday, March 19, 2012


I make constant joking reference to being on NSA's "list" because of the controversial things I sometimes say on my blog or on twitter or facebook. I follow several people on twitter because of their military affiliations. I am from a military family and married into a military family. I have posted in the past on my blogspot blog about my feelings in regard to the goings on in the middle East. My husband was stationed in the Persian Gulf for a while. He was there when the Ayotallah Khomeini died and I thought it was all going to go up in flames and, strangely, nothing happened. It turned out he was there on a sort of preparatory mission. He was in a small boat unit, supporting a Seal team (three I think, but not relevant and maybe should not even be mentioned.) They were stationed on barges and there was a small story in Time a few years later with a picture of the barge he was on and how they "actually, were never really there". I was subjected to stories of target practice on bloated dead sheep floating in the gulf and various personnel conflicts which crop up in the news even to day. It is a tangled web, that military network. He won some award and I wanted to put a mention of it in our local paper because in our very small town they did that sort of thing. He advised against it, mentioning retribution. This was around the time the school teacher who was married to a military man had a bomb placed on her minivan in California.

Someone recently posted about when the general cried in Afghanistan and I commented and retweeted the link and referred to my story on my blog "FINE WHINE" about it in 2010. I followed the person and he followed back. He also posted about how a military person might feel about our leaving Iraq in the condition it is in, and whatever the mission was in the first place. (As an aside, it is curious to me that we are pulling out when they are on the verge of going nuclear) When I retweeted this, the Iraqi Government retweeted me. I asked the person who was the source of the stories if this was for real and I have been unable to sign into his Wordpress blog which is strange because here I am signed into my wordpress blog.

This is the sort of thing that ANYBODY I know would advise me to drop and go back to writing frivolous fiction. But even in my frivolous fiction I refer to black ops agents planting micro nukes in the Hindu Kush.

I think I will go put the laundry in the drier now and check and see if the dishwasher needs to be run and work on my scrapbook and photo album and springtime wreath projects.

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