Monday, September 03, 2012

When the summer's through. . .

With a few exceptions, I have not had a very good summer.  How about you?

(The date stamp on my camera is so very wrong.)


  1. With a few exceptions we haven't had much of a summer . I'm hoping an Indian Summer might be on the cards before the autumn sets in.
    Love the series of pictures.

  2. I appreciate your visits so much. Thank you.

  3. Hi Virginia,

    New follower from Book Blogs. Here's my blog if you would like to stop by


  4. Actually, we (as in me and the missus) had a very good summer. Didn't get much accomplished in life, but spent a lot of time with some of our grandkiddies, which was an accomplishment in itself. Life is good. Looks like yours was beautiful, if nothing else.


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