Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Never Ending War

A female who was formerly earning her living as what she labeled a high class escort has written a book about why men cheat.  The discussion about this book has been raging on Huff Post Books for several days.  People point out that she only knows about guys who use “escorts” for cheating.  This is probably a very  small percent of the entire group of “cheating men” who mess around with their  neighbor or the mail lady or some chick at work.  Then, she is only reporting what these men tell her.  First of all, they are “speaking” in a somewhat enhanced milieu under the influence of large doses of oxytocin and serotonin, and they may be embellishing their tales to gain sympathy or absolve themselves in the eyes of their benefactor. And, please do not tell me I know nothing about it.  I once knew some one intimately that received a visit from a call girl as a birthday present.  I can match any of your stories in spades.  Try me.
This slays me.  That it is given any legitimacy   I am becoming so callous about the whole male-female interaction thing.  SHUT UP.  You have no clue.  Then the arguments rage on.  The male is programmed to mate with multiples.  I have documented references in my book that PROVE there are proteins on the surface of the egg that interact with sperm to encourage monogamy.  Then there is all the genetic, epigenetic, cultural  and anthropological evidence about Neanderthals with too big heads and other things mother nature does to preserve  and improve the gene pool.
Then there are hundreds of remarks about why a husband can do it, should do it, would do it, must do it, (be unfaithful) shouldn’t do it.  This is interspersed with the remarks from the females about how their husband turned into a schlub and how she kept herself slim and fucked his brains out but he still cheated, and “throw the bum out’ and philosophy and religion, and law concerning the matter.  It all amounts to a hill of beans.  If any rules are left, they usually are broken.  Okay.  Maybe not inYOUR case, but in just about every other one.  And you can’t say for sure, even about your own case, because you don’t KNOW. For the sake of all that is good and holy, do you not know that there are women out there, right now, that find unfresh female skivvies under the seat in the car and believe the “reasons” they are given for why they are there?
Yes. I AM the ultimate cynic.  I have the credentials.  I also know what havoc MY very immediate family has wreaked on the gene pool.  I write fiction to deal with my confusion and disappointment in matters of love.  Then people criticize my adorable fictional creations for their lack of moral scruples.  It is to laugh.  You have NO IDEA.  If I hear one more person say, “Well, that happens all the time.  People just don’t talk about it,” I may scream or commit mayhem.
The news of the last few days is so fucked up.  Officials we are supposed to be able to trust with the well being of our selves and our children stand in front of the camera wearing their brand new ties and lie to the entire world.  What?  Do they say a prayer at night asking God to forgive them for telling those very necessary lies and go to sleep believing the gates of heaven are open to them?  These are very serious things to lie about involving the welfare of our Nation.  Doesn’t anybody out there give a shit anymore?  Why anybody can or would  focus on that “squirt in the dark” at this point is beyond me.  But when the few remaining humans rise from the ashes, the first thing they argue about is not going to be some stupid apple.  It’s gonna be, “I saw her first.” And she is going to toss her unwashed hair over her shoulder and flutter her eyelashes.
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