Sunday, July 17, 2011

The World's Most Amazing Baseball Game

In the league my grandson plays in, you have to lose two games to be out of the playoffs.  Ben's team, the Phillies, lost to the Cardinals, who are a pretty sucky team.  Ben's team was leader going into the playoff's 16 wins two losses.  Cardinals had two wins.  They beat us in the playoff game and the kids were so downtrodden.  It was awful.  And one of the coaches, who just happens to be a beautiful policeman who, when he shows up in his uniform, distracts me from the game, says to one of the kids, who was commenting on the Cardinals poor sportsmanship in light of their win, "Let them have their moment, they've only won three and you've only lost three." And a Cardinal mom yells, "Yeah, but we beat you."  So another coach gets in her face and politely tells her to shut the fuck up, but not in those words, only with that intent.  So the next day we kick Cardinal ass.  Of course.  So we play the Giants who are no losses in the playoffs and kick their butts  big time, like 17 to two, the Giants first play off loss.  So we have to play them again today. This league plays six innings.  We go into the bottom of the sixth down by six and win.  When it was tied Ben scored the tie breaker run.  OMG.  Then we went over and ate Bubbas and drank MGD and swam in their beautiful pool.  What a wonderful day.

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