Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No, seriously?

I had to write a blurb for my second novel, you know, the one nobody reads?  And I hit send and then I noticed I called the hero TIN.  Please just take me out to the woods and shoot me.  Just get it over with.  

How can you do something like that to someone you love so much?

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  1. Roy York3:10 PM

    Hey girl, I think you need to think in a different direction for awhile and let your brain rest from your four epic novels and start putting together a coming of age book for seniors.

    I think the writing in your blog is terrific and easily readable.

    My friend who read your book wasn't gentle and said it was his first romance novel, but it might be his last. He said he's picked up others and looked at them with the same attitude. I thought he might be more discerning than that, but alas, he wasn't.

    His review to me said the characters were amoral and didn't have too many redeeming features especially since all of them were parents, but he said who would want them as a parent. If the kids could vote, they wouldn't. His words, not mine.

    I like sleaze in a novel if it is pertinent, and if we didn't have conflict and parents who act badly, what kind of story would we have left? A boring one, I imagine.

    Anyway, hadn't been to your blog in a while, been busy, but I'm baaaack.



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