Monday, September 05, 2011

Persevere you must.

For my loyalest of followers and for those who sneak in here late at night when the kiddies are all asleep to see if I wrote a naughty word today, well I didn't.  I am filled with sweetness and light because my dog did a terrible, spiteful thing to me and I used up my daily ration of naughty words on him.  The day was cool and pleasant, and the windows were only opened a little, so they only sent one squad car this time.  We're fine, just fine.

So as to make sure that you did not waste your trip here, as I am always so glad to see you, I am presenting the current incarnation of William Wallace.  He is willing to undergo a DNA test to support this. I got Ben.  I got Delaney.  Who could ask for anything more?  Oh, me, of course.

I haven't googled Dan Kearney lately. I wonder what he is up to.  He is going to rule our country.  Soon. Ben will help.

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