Thursday, September 01, 2011


I got LAWMAN up on Kindle.  I finished the Smashwords revisions for SACRED SIN.  I learned how to remove a text box that you don't know you have until you learn what the coding looks like and go looking for it.  I didn't put that stuff in there, man.  Blame Word.  I am getting pretty good at manipulating photos, and I suck at self promotion.  I have investigated every angle any one has mentioned and none have brought results.  Supposedly Smashwords Premium Catalog is a big deal.  They say Apple sells more ebooks than all the other epubs put together.  I totally do not see that.  They don't even make  a dedicated reader.  Whatever.  We will see.  The thing is, I am getting so tired of this.  I use any excuse to get away from it and the Maze and Anymore need a little work.  Hopefully getting back to writing will seem like fun again.

It has to be word of mouth.  It just has to be read by THAT right person, and I don't think she is interested.  Well, I like my guys.  And I will never be sorry about that part of it.  And yeah, Bobby Joe, I did leave that one word out of  the Smashwords version.  You know which one I mean.

I'm going on the treadmill.  I think I stopped the ipod  at Crossfire, so after I listen to that about eight times I will be all inspired and ready to go. 
Yeah.  You can totally tell what is happening to me.  My blogs are getting so boring


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