Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today I am going to talk about this wonderful new brand of make up I bought and tried out.  No, just kidding.  Do you know there are actually dozens of blogs on here that deal with nothing else but makeup and cosmetics?  They feature carefully lit photos of bottles of nail polish and open jars of greasy gray stuff that are there so you will want to run out and buy them.  Yeah.  I need some gray greasy stuff to put on which part of my body?

The thing is, two days ago I had the busiest day ever on my blog, with more hits than I have ever had before.  It was nice.  But here's the part I don't get.  It was one blog post that brought it in.  Why?  None of these people knew each other or told each other.  I had more views of that post and more comments than I have every had before.  How does this work?   I did no more promos than I ever do for anything I wrote, and yet, there they were.  If I had that many sales in one day, I would be over the moon. It couldn't even be like a grapevine as the people were too disparate.  It was almost like serendipity or happenstance.  (Oh, crap.  There I go again with the damn serendipity.  Blog land will be full of posts using the word serendipity this week.  Just watch.)

And today I came crashing to the ground.  Being up a few days ago just made the fall farther and more painful.  I have a brother who bought my book.  (I have another brother that didn't buy my book.)  He said he was very impressed with the characterization and the background, and as he read he tried to think of what might have happened or who had I know in my life that inspired some of the stuff.  But he couldn't finish it.  He  read 24% (he showed me on his Kindle) and he CAN'T read anymore because it is like a "chick flick".  I cannot imagine that, if I can sit and read a blog on on whether or not it is correct or possible to copyright intellectual property and comment on the article and get into a discussion with an economist about the anthropological reasons why open sourcing will not eliminate aggression, that my own brother cannot get through  this easy to read, dialogue driven, light hearted piece of fiction just to see if maybe his sister uses any of his personal history in her story.

I have tried every thing I can think of to promote and tried a lot of things suggested by people in the "field", and nothing works.  I love this book and the people in it, and real humans just do not want to read it.  So where do the people reading my blog come from?  I mention my book in the blog sometimes, but no sales have come from that.  I cannot get from the one idea to  the other. Well, I am going to put up Book Three and Book Four.  Maybe even do that Print on Demand thing, and just die undiscovered and unappreciated.  Because I just want to do it.  Way more than I want to strip and recoat my damn kitchen floor. Or experiment with cosmetics.  I have nothing to lose. That's an easy one if you start out with zero credibility in the beginning.

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  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    I wonder if it was a specific tag you used that attracted so much attention. If so tell me, because I'd like some attention, too. My husband has not read my novels, does not read my blog. I've come to realize that if I want to keep my friends I should never, ever ask if they've read me recently.


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