Saturday, October 01, 2011

Life With Luigi. Vol.II

We were out for a while this evening. This afternoon, before we left, Louie put one of those frozen pies in the oven and we couldn't leave until it was finished.  That worked out fine.  A few minutes ago, when we got home, we walked into the kitchen and I said, "It's really hot in here."  So Louie walked over to the thermostat.  I walked over to the oven.  I said, "You left the oven on."  I did not touch it because if I had touched it, he automatically becomes not the person who left it on.  It is a rule.  He walked over and witnessed for himself the readout that says it was 300 degrees and said, "Well, I tried, but how do you turn the *&%$#* off?"  I showed him the button that says "OFF".

Don't you love the blonde joke where the girl asks what the 710 thing is under the hood?

In other news, Danielle  has moved back home.  She has been here about two weeks.  She has stayed here maybe ten of those nights.  The sewer backed up in the laundry room today.

And on an historical level, Mises(dot) org deleted my comments about Konrad Lorenz in the blog arguing about Intellectual Property.

So loving my multi-faceted life.

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  1. LaDean2:06 PM

    Love your blog, love your family, and love you too!


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