Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Giving In To the System

I gave in and went to the dr. and got antibiotics and some lovely, dreamy, special cough syrup.  I know I was being stubborn but I have had enough lectures on "It's a virus.  Antibiotics won't help it."  Actually I set the galleys on that book for Contemporary Press.  So I waited the whole twelve days.  Viruses are supposed to go away in ten. So in a couple of days you are going to get it from me big time, and I'm not talking about my cold.  The thing is, you slack off a few days and the attention just fades away.  What is wrong with you?  Where do your loyalties lie?  When I am needing you the most, where are you?  You know how bad this was?  Louie folded my laundry for me.  Forty seven years that took.  Please.  A cool cloth and a few There, there's is all I ask. I've been so good to you.  Well, except for that little fire I started on Mises.  That did distract me a bit.  They know about loyalty at least. 

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