Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Louie bought me a laptop computer for Christmas.  Louie bought me a laptop computer for Christmas last year.  We could not get on the internet or do any thing with it, so it was all "blamed" on the local wi-fi connections and the router we were using and it went back to the store.  It was unusable.  So THIS YEAR he bought me the exact same one Cassie bought because she took it out of the box and got everything up and working in about ten minutes.  We were not home when she did that.  That is, I was not home, and, more importantly, LOUIE was not at home.  A zillion years ago Louie's profession was going into banks and putting all their operations on computer.  Mind you, at that time, the computer took  up a whole room and had to have a special humidity and temperature controlled environment.  Sort of like back to the Jurassic period computer-wise. Therefore, he considers himself the know all end all of computer operation.  This can be visualized as the guy in the phone kiosk at the mall explaining an Android app to Alexander Graham Bell. So, he has been sitting at the dining room table for one and a half hours and he just gave up, saying it had sent him into outer space and he didn't know what to do now.  No.  We will not PAY the geek squad to come and help us.  It will go back to the store.

My only option will be to buy one on the QT and sneak it in the house when he is not home and have Cassie take it out of the box and set it up for me.  Meanwhile, I am doing fine on this old HP.  Just now he asked if the first part of our phone number was 265.  Jesus save me.

Think I will rustle up my vintage housewife pic.


  1. Perfect visualization of the guy at the mall explaining stuff. Perfect.

  2. See, I had the good sense to give my now 45 year old son an Apple II when he was 14 or so, upon which he proceeded to learn everything about it in about 2 months and then went to school his sophomore year and taught his computer teacher what he needed to know to teach the class. So, I have my own, specially developed "Geek Squad" any time I need it. (He is a developer of software, so he knows of which he speaks.) And, I have learned my limitations, so now, when faced with cyber mischief, I call my son. And, he's free!


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