Monday, December 03, 2012


This is just a curiosity.  Someone commented on a political thread that Israel with nuclear weapons (which, as an aside, they have) would be the most dangerous country in the world. This was a conversation among quite a few people and had been going on for days.  I could, of course, not help but interject that no, it was not.   Pakistan is.  And  I said don't let your attention be diverted here for too long.

No body argued or countered with me and I got a few likes.  I am so f-ing pithy, I sometimes amaze myself. I wonder sometimes why I don't write amazing psychological military thrillers.  Starting too late and too much research I guess.  Instead I write fluff.  Sometimes with undertones of thrilling military psychological drama.. (Teensy bit.)

Anyway.  My stats page shows my traffic sources on a world map.  I am dark green in US and the area formerly known as USSR.  Pale  Green in Brazil Area, light or dark green in UK and Australia and other parts of Europe. It changes a lot.  So today I was light green in Pakistan.  White in India and Afghanistan, which means no activity.  I am so glad someone noticed.


  1. Wow, that's hilarious. Keep on stirring the pot (and being right). ;)


  2. It's funny how many people forget Pakistan has nuclear weapons and would rather concentrate on making Israel out to be ready to use hers to get her way. There is a move afoot of course to garner more sympathy for Palestine at the expense of Israel. I do have much sympathy for Palestine and think giving the Palestinians Nationhood may end the conflict there but that's just me being naive and closing my eyes to the resentment that would remain. It would be fair to say I'm a friend of Israel but would dearly love her to stop thinking about building more housing on land not technically there for building purposes.Just say, welcome Palestine as neighbours and lets build a joint community both our peoples can share.


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